To know about THEO's Lifeskills Training Programme...

Welcome to THEO

THEO is a registered trust was started on 1st June 2011 in loving memory of baby Theodore, the founder’s son. The main purpose of the Trust is to provide education and vocational training to the disadvantaged sections of the society especially the differentially abled.


THEO’s Objectives:

  • To offer THEO’s Lifeskills Training Programme to as many differentially abled children and persons as possible. The aim of this programme is to make those special children and persons who are dependent on others for their routine activities of daily living (ADL) as independent as possible.Lifeskills include dressing, toileting, eating, grooming and domestic activities.
  • To carry out Awareness Generation Programmes about the importance and need for Lifeskills training.
  • To start an Institution for exclusive training in Lifeskills for special children and persons.
  • To start Vocational trainingprogramme for the differentially abled and to assist them in finding meaningful employment after the training.
  • To train manpower required in the area of education and rehabilitation of differentially abled.

THEO Activities

  • Lifeskills Training Programme for special children.

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  • Publishing a periodical newsletter 'THEO Speaks...'

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  • Organising recreational programmes.

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Empowering Childern With Special Needs

Get Involved

Making a donation for THEO’s activities.

Donation can be made in cash or through cheque/demand draft drawn in favour of THEO.


Sponsoring a month’s honorarium of the teachers.

Sponsoring orthopedic appliances.

Celebrating your special moments with the children.

On advance intimation you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc., with the children and share your joys with them.


" Arjun is buttoning his shirt on his own. He is very interested in doing that. It is very helpful to me. This class is very useful to Arjun. These classes have changed some of the activities of Arjun."

- Ms.Anushya, Arjun's Mother

“Let me first thank and appreciate THEO for their effort to train special children to attend to their basic needs. As parents we know the difficulties. The training is very useful.”

- Mr.Aranganathan  &   Ms.Shanthi Aranganathan

"ஒவ்வொரŕŻ?அம்மாவுமŕŻ?தன்னுடைய பிள்ளைகளŕŻ?தனŕŻ?வேலைகளŕŻ?தானே செய்து கொள்ŕŽ?வேண்டும் என்றŕŻ?தான் ஆசைப்படுவார்களŕŻ? படிப்பŕŻ?என்பது பிறகŕŻ?தான். ஒவ்வொரŕŻ?பிள்ளைகளுமŕŻ?தனŕŻ?வேலைகளŕŻ?தானே செய்து கொண்டால் அதைவிட சந்தோஷம் வேறுகிடையாது. தற்போதŕŻ?எனŕŻ?பையனŕŻ?brush பண்ணுவது, dressing ஆகிய வேலைகளŕŻ?முன்பைவிŕŽ?நன்றாக செய்கிறான். இதற்கு காரணம் THEO's Lifeskills Training Programme தான். இந்த பயிற்சŕŽ?நீடிக்ŕŽ?வேண்டும்."

- திருமதŕŽ?ŕŽ?மஞ்சுளŕŽ? நிஷாத்தின் தாயார்'